Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring Skorts

If you're like me you would prefer to wear Culottes to a Skirt anyday, they are more functional and you don't have to worry about windy days!! But what if you need a skirt? Then a Skort is your answer, looks like a skirt from the front, shorts at the back. Perfect!! 

Skort In Bold Floral Print £35.00 @ ASOS


Hedda Paisley Baroque Print Skort WAS £19.99 NOW £7.99 @ Missguided

Green Pleated Skort WAS £32.00 NOW £8.00 @ ASOS


Tessa Tapestry Floral Ponte Skort £15.00 @ BooHoo

Ribbon Aztec Print Skort £25.00 @ BANK 


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