Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Obsession

LOVE... body chains 
seen on Rihanna and Beyonce check out these gorgeous 
chains on Etsy, can be boho, can be chic, can be anything 
you want them to be, love 'em.

 Delicate Body Chain - Golden Grid Reversible by Nobbly £37.94

No. 9 Body Harness - Parallel Universe Chains by moderntribes £25.51

Gold Cleopatra Chain Body Chain Necklace Harness by LoneWolfAccents £75.22

Kate Moss : MANGO

LOVE Spring 2012 Kate Moss For MANGO collection

earrings 9.99 blouse 19.99 trouser 42.99


LOVE this...

Black Oversize Clutch 

£22.00 @ Miss Selfridge

 This bag is oversized but not massive so it doesn't 

look ridiculous, the chain is long enough to wear the bag 

at hip length from your shoulder, looks pricey but isn't!

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