Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Summer Scents

Summer's nearly here and it' time to put on your most gorgeous girly summer perfumes! 
Here is a review on my favourite floral scents.

 Paul Smith Rose is my absolute favourite perfume; I go through bottles and bottles of it. It has a delicate scent of fresh cut roses and green-tea, it’s fruity with a very light sweet sparkle; it has hints of magnolia and violet, but doesn’t have the old-fashioned muskiness you expect from the name. It stays fresh and light and people really notice it, a lot! It’s a natural feminine scent that doesn’t have the chemical smell that a lot of the big name brands do. Love it Love it Love it. 

Ralph Lauren Romance is lovely. It's sweet, distinctive, elegant, and feminine with a hint of musk. It doesn’t over power on any level, unless of course you don’t like floral perfumes! It’s not too heavy or musky, but it’s more mature than most ‘girly’ pink perfumes. The name describes it perfectly; it screams romance, roses and champagne by candle light. It’s ideal for special occasions and is always a perfume people notice, but it might be a little too heavy to wear during the day, but in the summer it's perfect for the evening.

Jimmy Choo’s Perfume is more fruity than floral. It opens with fresh pear and ginger, with light hints of roses and undertones of exotic orchid, the overall scent is sweet but heavy. It’s not a perfume I wear during the day but makes you feel a million dollars when you’re getting ready to go out. It’s sexy and seductive and leaves you with a warm feeling, but it’s not a perfume everyone likes, it has such a complex scent that people can easily pick out a flavour they don't like in it. However, the great thing about this perfume is it lasts for ages, you don’t have to keep applying it.

Hugo Boss Femme is a light citrusy perfume, with woody undertones. It’s a very simple sexy floral scent that isn’t going to wow anyone straight away, but the more you wear it the more you love it. I wear this perfume almost as much as my Paul Smith Rose, I just absolutely love it as an everyday wear. It’s a very pretty girly perfume which will linger lightly all day, which is something you don’t usually get from such a light floral perfume.

Euphoria Blossom is a gorgeous fresh perfume, it’s lighter and more feminine than the original Euphoria which is a bit too strong for me. It has a light floral scent with notes of musky orchid and peony, but it had a slightly spicy undertone that gives it a bit of an edge. I’d definitely use more of it if it was easier to get hold of. The only down side with this perfume is it’s so light that you feel you have to keep re-applying it, but really you don’t, you get used to the scent quickly but other people can still catch hints of it.


  1. Fab blog Liz, following it now :)
    Alex xxx

    1. Thanks hun, found blog hop through yours! love it :)

      x x x

  2. So excited for summer perfumes! I want to try Euphoria Blossom!
    Just found your blog via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop. Let me know if you'd like to follow each other on GFC and blog lovin and I'll be sure to follow you back :)



    1. Thanks Paris, i love your blog i'm following now :)
      You can get Euphoria Blossom online, fragranceshop.com do it and you can get 50ml for about £30 in
      ebay :) Hope that helps.

      lizzi x x x

  3. Hey there my lovely! found your blog through the blog hop and think it's so cute! I'm following now, please check out my blog and maybe follow back if you like it?

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    1. Heya, thanks es-jay! Great blog!! I'm going to have to try the Clinique Up-lighting illuminator, i've been looking for a decent cheek highlighter for a while now and nothing satisfies! Following now :)

      lizzi x x x

  4. Hi there found your blog on the blog hop!

    I'll be following:) @bluberryblushes


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