Friday, 24 February 2012

Perfect Prints

Big Prints are everwhere now, here's a selection of a few different ones out now...

Miso Aztec Camisole Top £10.00 @ Republic

Zeana Oversized Tribal Design T-Shirt £8.99 @ Missguided

Aztec prints are great; they can be girly or bright and bold! But mix it up with 

other block colour pieces, like skinny jeans and a blazer, or some shorts 

and shades for summer. 


Coco Backless Dress in Baroque Print £28.00 @ Motel Rocks

Chain Print Vest £22.00 @ River Island

  These prints are really bright and colourful, but also really busy,  

so maybe not for wearing top to bottom! But they have accent colours 

so they're really easy to accessorise. For example matching blue shoes for the Motel dress,

 and a matching pink clutch bag and turquoise bangles for the River Island top. 

Wendy Lace Back PU Front Pocket Chiffon Top £12.00 @ Boohoo

Serena Dress by Goldie £49.00 @ Topshop

I love leopard print, but only in small amount, it's so easy to make an outfit look cheap 

by wearing too much leopard print, but it can also add so much to a boring outfit. 

There is also a lot of leopard print neck ties and scarves out at the minute,

 and they are great if you don't actually want to wear the print. 


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